Elevate your dance practice with our Chiffon 5 Panel Maxi Flare Rehearsal Skirt. Made from 100% 100 denier Polyester Chiffon imported from Japan, this skirt offers a soft and floaty texture for ultimate comfort and grace.

With its full three yards of fabric, the skirt boasts an incredible flow that enhances your every movement on the dance floor. The five-panel construction ensures a perfect balance between structure and fluidity, allowing you to move effortlessly.

Featuring 1/2" chiffon wrap ties cut to a generous 44" length, this skirt offers versatility in styling while ensuring a secure fit. To add a touch of elegance, it is finished with a 1/16" pearl hem.

Perfect for ballet, contemporary dance, or any other form of movement, our Chiffon 5 Panel Maxi Flare Rehearsal Skirt combines beauty and functionality, allowing you to express yourself with ease and sophistication.

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Chiffon Maxi Flare Rehearsal Skirt

  • $98.00

Available Options

  • Blk
  • Ballet Pink
  • Cream
  • Sky Blue
  • Lite Grey
  • Pale Lavender
  • Orchid

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